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The Shipping is Easy and Carbon Neutral!

Shipping Times

Shipping Transit Times

Shipping is from our Paper Valley Wisconsin warehouse Monday through Friday. See more on shipping times.

Wisconsin Paper Group paper shipping

Shipping Methods

We use UPS and Common Carrier Trucking. See more on shipping methods.

Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs

Shipping cost are based on weight, service and location. See more on shipping costs.

Inside Delivery

Inside Delivery

Your orders are delivered inside your building up to 500 lbs. See more on inside shipping

Paper and Envelope shipping order tracking function

Tracking Your Orders

Easily and accurately track your orders from door to door. See more on order tracking.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Carbon Neutral Shipping

To lessen our impact on the environment and to lower ours (and your) carbon footprint we are now purchasing carbon offsets to offset 100% of the carbon emissions produced by shipping our products to your door. As of January 1, 2008 shipping from our Neenah Wisconsin warehouse is carbon neutral.

Wind Power electricity

Picking and packing your orders with Wind Power

Through our purchase of Green-e certified renewable energy credits we use wind power to run our facilities, power our forklifts and to pick and pack your orders. Wind power helps to reduce the introduction of green house gasses into the atmosphere and helps to create a cleaner environment.

Eco-Shipping Materials

Eco-Shipping Materials

We strive to use the best shipping materials. See more on our shipping materials.

Canadian Shipping

Shipping to Canada

We proudly ship to Canada. See more details on shipping to Canada.

International Shipping

International Shipping

We ship to most international destinations. See more on international shipping.

APO shipping of paper and envelopes

APO Shipping

We proudly ship to APO addresses. See more about APO shipping.