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Going Green has Tangible Bottom-Line Benefits

Green dollar

You notice more and more companies "greening up" and making substantial commitments to supporting sustainable practices. We will show you how to make a credible business case for sustainability. You can see how some companies are using third-party certifications and eco logos to tout their sustainable efforts in our print examples below.

There are many benefits, beyond responsible environmental stewardship, for companies who support sustainable practices. As an example, consumer-based companies can realize enhanced consumer support of their business and products when the consumer sees the efforts made by the company to be green.

See some of the benefits we have achieved through supporting sustainable practices.

Think about it — a consumer has never decided not to purchase a product or support a company because it was too clean. On the other hand, many consumers make decisions to avoid companies or to not buy products because they are not environmentally sensitive enough to satisfy their personal environmental standards.

As a graphic designer, your job is to help your clients promote their messages effectively. You can add value to your client relationship by promoting their green graphic design concepts and helping them craft a compelling and credible environmental message.

10% recycled paper logo usage 10% recycled paper logo usage 10% recycled paper logo usage

The Business Case for Sustainable Practices

As one more example of the benefits to businesses going green, recent studies have shown that a company supporting green initiatives can build enhanced employee loyalty and have an easier time attracting talented new employees to the company. One leading speaker on the business case for sustainability is Bob Willard.

Bob Willard has created some easy to understand presentations that you can use to better understand these opportunities and to make the case for sustainability with your clients and within your company.

Please enjoy this presentation created by Bob Willard:

Communicating the Business Case for Sustainability (PPT)