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How Companies Benefit by Going Green

Many companies are going green because it’s the right thing to do. At the same time, companies can utilize a green approach to reach out to their customers in order to make a connection on another level of common interest, the environment.

Customers react positively to a company supporting sustainable practices. We know this from our own experience. We've outlined some of the benefits we've realized by supporting sustainable practices in a recent article published by the Environmental News Network.

There's really no downside to supporting green design practices. You'll see some of the largest and smallest companies making the choice to support sustainable practices while achieving bottom line benefits.

Green paper choices abound

The fact is that papers available for sustainable design projects are every bit as spectacular as less sustainable alternatives. And when you throw in the additional good-will, customer loyalty and free publicity that can come with sustainable design projects, it just becomes a no-brainer to use eco paper on your projects.

Opportunity is everywhere

We've even collected a list of national and local publications that are specifically interested in covering green design. Help your clients plan a sustainability program that can turn into a nice PR campaign.

Utilize green graphic design

You can download our Eco Paper Design Resource Pack (PDF) and review all of this great information — including sample press releases, logo usage guidelines and guidance on getting free publicity — whenever you need it.