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Paper & Envelopes Graphics Resource Videos

Ever wonder what a paper machine looks like?

See the processes that make your paper and envelopes. Great for educational purposes and for just answering the "I wonder what that looks like?" questions. Enjoy.

Resource Videos

See the magic moment where the rubber meets the road and paper pulp becomes real paper. Take a few minutes and visit with us as we walk from end to end on a running paper machine making recycled paper in Wisconsin's Paper Valley.

Watch This Video (4:53 minutes)

Paper is made in large rolls. Rolls of paper must be "sheeted" to create the sheets of paper you run through your desktop printer or on a large scale printing press. Take a few minutes and see how sheets of paper are made in Wisconsin's Paper Region.

Watch This Video (2:22 minutes)

Take a few minutes and see a large scale envelope manufacturing plant in Wisconsin's Paper Valley and see how your envelopes evolve from a sheet of paper to the envelope in your hand, ready to hit the mail.

Watch This Video (2:11 minutes)

Unprinted Envelopes are only part of the equation. Most envelopes require some type of printing and here we show you how envelopes are printed. Take a few minutes and join us on a tour of envelope printing in Paper Valley Wisconsin.

Watch This Video (2:24 minutes)