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Our vision is to provide you with the best papers, envelopes and graphics arts tools available while providing friendly, thoughtful and helpful customer service. We do this in concert with what might be the largest selection of eco-preferable fine paper products available online. Internally we operate our company using as many eco-preferable processes and resources as we can. We support wind power, because it is clean, renewable, American made and creates more jobs here.

We believe responsible use of resources is smart. And we want to help you make informed choices for your projects. From your "concept to completion" we give you the most eco-preferable choices supported by our educational materials, detailed product information and our growing list of like-minded suppliers. We hope to be a reliable resource and a part of your solution when creating paper based projects.



As the founder of The Paper Mill Store, I believe that environmental responsibility is a multi-faceted effort, and as a company we are doing our best to make sustainable smart choices. We use 100% wind power to provide the electrical needs of our company, we are offsetting 100% of the carbon produced by our outbound shipping, we are developing FSC papers, SFI papers and recycled papers, we are an FSC Chain of Custody certificate holder, and we are actively seeking ways to reduce our energy usage, utilizing more and higher percentage recycled materials in our packaging and we are encouraging our suppliers to offer more recycled paper and to employ more energy saving processes while providing our customers with the best paper choices possible.

As a long time paper company executive, I take the issue of a clean environment and sustainability seriously and I am personally very proud of our industry’s (and our) voluntary efforts to make more environmentally responsible choices and to make real substantiated changes in our collective business practices. I hope you find the information on sustainable paper helpful, and I wish you the very best in pursuing your own environmental goals.

- Brian Cowie, C.E.O. and Founder