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NCR Paper* Brand Recover

NCR Carbonless Recover recycled paper

NCR Carbonless Recover

Manufactured by Appleton Papers

This is NCR Recovery 30% recycled carbonless paper available in various colors and precollated sequences in 2 part, 3 part and 4 part forms. Produced by Appleton, NCR carbonless paper has set the standard for the highest quality carbonless paper. NCR PAPER® brand of carbonless paper provides a clean and professional image for any multi-part document need. Images remain intense, clean and legible down to the last ply for easy readability throughout the life of the document—guaranteed. Carbonless forms provide businesses with the proper tool to track and organize forms. Backed by Appleton's NCR carbonless paper Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee - Appleton unconditionally guarantees your satisfaction at 100%.

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