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bindakote cast coated papers

Bindakote cast coated paper

Manufactured by CTI Paper USA

Bindakote coated one-side (C/1S) and coated two-side (C/2S) White high gloss papers provide a mirror-like finish and the ultimate in print fidelity and superior lay-flat. You'll love designing with Bindakote. In addition to White Bindakote has C/1S Colors in an amazing color palette. The wonderfully flexible surface and its deep rich colors all spell beauty and success for a variety of projects. The reverse side of Bindakote C/1S reveals an uncoated surface suitable for line art and halftone printing and any process used on uncoated paper. Whether you're printing greeting cards, business cards or making hang tags, Bindakote is you best choice for cast coated paper at a great price.

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