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Kromekote Folding Board

Kromekote Folding Board

Kromekote Foldng Board

Manufactured by Mohawk Fine Papers

Few papers achieve the legendary, iconic status of Kromekote. This folding board from 14 pt to 24 pts thick. Kromekote has set the benchmark for gloss and unrivaled on-press performance for over 75 years. A super-premium sheet with a smooth triple coated surface - yet surprisingly ink-friendly, for unbelievably sharp, eye-popping printing. Kromekote coated one-side (C/1S) is ultra glossy on one side and matte coated on the reverse side. These papers are 30% PCW and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to use wood fiber harvested from well managed forests. When it has to be the best - no holds barred - Kromekote is the heavyweight champ!

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