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Kromekote Tuffkote

Kromekote Tuffkote C/2S paper

Kromekote Tuffkote C/2S paper

Manufactured by Mohawk Fine Papers

Kromekote Tuffkote is a super-durable, tear, water, grease and weather resistant graphics and packaging paper with the same printing characteristics that have made Kromekote products legendary. A super-premium sheet with a smooth triple coated surface - yet surprisingly ink-friendly, for unbelievably sharp, eye-popping printing. Kromekote coated two-side (C/2S) is ultra glossy on both sides. These papers are 30% PCW and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to use wood fiber harvested from well managed forests. When it has to be the best - no holds barred - Kromekote is the heavyweight champ!

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