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Skytone parchment-like paper and envelopes

Skytone papers and envelopes

Manufactured by Mohawk Fine Papers

Certain projects require the stately look and feel of parchment - wedding invitations come to mind. Diplomas, certificates, special announcements - all benefit from the classy look and feel of parchment. Mohawk Fine Papers Skytone delivers that look, feel, and tactile appeal - in a more stable, printable, and affordable paper. Available in ten rich colors, with a "handmade" visual texture. Think about using Skytone for historic documents, maps, folders, tabs, presentation covers, or special letters of commendation. You'll follow a green path because Skytone is made with 30% post consumer recycled waste fiber and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Acid-free for longevity, and ink let and laser guaranteed in the 60 lb text weight. Shoot for the sky, with Skytone, the classy imitation parchment?it's inviting!

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