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EAMES Architecture

Eames Architecture paper and envelopes

EAMES Architecture paper and envelopes

Manufactured by Neenah Paper

EAMES Architecture is a slightly translucent 50 lb text paper in white and bold colors with a seemingly random patterned Diffused surface. Lofty and bold at the same time this sheet is perfect for accents. Inspired by the breakthrough designs of Charles and Ray Eames, brings you a new dimension in paper; the EAMES Paper Collection of inspired and inspiring papers. Based on the bold, clean designs and color of Eames signature furniture, fabric and paintings, this paper gives you a new perspective - and a new design medium with which to create! These new tactile and unique surface textures aren't available elsewhere, so your work will stand out. You'll love the 30% recycled fiber from post consumer waste, so it feels good and is earth-friendly too.

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