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Starwhite paper and envelopes

STARWHITE paper and envelopes

Manufactured by Neenah Paper

STARWHITE is manufactured 100% Carbon Neutral, FSC certified and is made using 100% renewable energy. White paper is the unsung hero of the paper world, used everyday in millions of applications, yet rarely lauded, white paper is the foundation of most print projects. Reliable, predictable - and entirely indispensable. And the leading premium white sheet is STARWHITE , from Neenah Paper. Combining exceptional formation and dimensional stability for your most rigorous requirements, STARWHITE is offered in Uncoated, Soft Touch with a matte look and a feel of soft plastic and Flash surfaces adding iridescent sparkle to the sheet. You will enjoy the bright whites, the off whites and metallic and matte coated options. Plus all writing and text weights are laser and ink jet guaranteed, offering superior laser toner adhesion and ink-jet imaging when used in office printers.

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