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Primavera Silk

Primavera Silk paper

Primavera Silk paper

Manufactured by New Leaf Paper

Designed to perform on iGen3, NexPress, Xeikon, DI and DocuColor equipment. PRIMAVERA Silk is a high white Matte coated paper offering outstanding print fidelity, an economic price and arguably the strongest environmental story of any similar coated paper. With PRIMAVERA Silk your projects will stand out above the rest with its flawless print performance and it's commitment to sustainable manufacturing. PRIMAVERA Silk is 80% recycled, 60% post consumer waste (reported to be the highest PCW content you can get in a coated sheet), elemental chlorine free, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and manufactured using Green-e certified renewable energy through the purchase of renewable energy credits. Your projects will not only look great but customers seeing your collateral pieces will feel great as well knowing the environmental story carried by this top quality double coated paper.

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