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Royal Resource

royal resource paper and envelopes

Royal Resource paper and envelopes

Manufactured by Wausau Paper

Royal Resource exudes environmental responsibility within a broad line of writing, text and cover weights with three paper surfaces of vellum, smooth and bark which a unique embossed pattern. Within Royal Resource you can choose from white, pastel and subtle earth tone colors. Select colors are available in 24 lb writing (watermarked), 70 lb text, 80 lb text, 100 lb text, 65 lb cover, 80 lb cover, 100 lb cover and 130 lb cover. Royal Resource offers options in 30% to 100% recycled PCW and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. You can desktop print on all 24 lb writing, 70 lb text. 80 lb text, 65 lb cover and 80 lb cover weights which are guaranteed for use in laser, inkjet printers and copiers.

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