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Wausau Bright White

Wausau Bright White paper and envelopes

Wausau Bright White

Manufactured by Wausau Paper

Wausau Bright White cover paper says it all in it's name. This is a cover weight bright white paper with a 96 brightness rating. Bright White comes in 65 lb, 80 lb and 100 lb cover weights. The 65 lb cover and the 80 lb cover are laser printer, inkjet printer and copier guaranteed to run on your desktop printing equipment. The 65 lb cover meets the USPS 7 pt. requirements. The 80 lb cover meets the USPS 9 pt requirements. The smooth surface of Wausau Bright White will help you create wonderful business cards, post card mailers, presentation folders and any project requiring an unblemished bright white sheet in light weight cover, medium weight cover or heavy weight cover paper. The choice is yours, brighten up your day with Wausau Bright White!

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