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DoubleMates card stock

DoubleMates card stock

Manufactured by WorldWin Papers

Your memories and projects will soar to new heights with DoubleMates two-sided textured card stock. Your projects are extraordinary and require an extraordinary card stock with a linen embossed pattern in its front and back surface. Long lasting non-fade colors made from the highest quality dyes and pigments will ensure that your memories last for generations. What makes DoubleMates so unique is that it is two card stocks laminated together, one side which is colored with a light shade and a darker shade of the same color is on the other side. You get two beautiful card stock colors on one sheet of card stock. Not only do you get two great colors but each side carries the same textured emboss pattern and when you tear the sheet you get a gorgeous two toned hand deckle edge. DoubleMates is perfect for scrapbooking and paper crafting projects requiring beautiful card stock with superior paper characteristics.

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