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Paper Layerz

Paper Layerz paper crafting cardstock

Paper Layerz™ by Megan Elizabeth

Paper Layerz by Megan ElizabethMegan Elizabeth is an enthusiastic designer, blogger and host of popular "how-to" DVDs. And she is the creator of Paper Layerz. With years of mastering how to use electronic diecutting machines, Megan Elizabeth envisioned a cardstock that would allow you to create layered images, in a color-coordinated fashion and pattern -- all in one sheet of cardstock. Paper Layerz makes paper crafting easier, quicker and less frustrating. No more wasting a full sheet of cardstock, or digging through your scrap pile to find colors that go well together. Paper Layerz is printed on CutMates, so as Megan Elizabeth always says, “it’ll cut like butter.”

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