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Envelope Order Terms and Conditions

Plain Envelope Quantity

Because of high speed envelope manufacturing processes, variances in the number of envelopes contained within each box or carton may occur. When ordering a box of 250 envelopes, as an example, you may receive 245 envelopes. This quantity variance is normal and it is considered industry standard to supply envelopes with a quantity variance of +/- 2% If you receive an envelope shortage in excess of industry standards as described above you may contact us for replacement envelopes.


Printed Envelope Quantity

When purchasing printed envelopes your orders are likely to experience minor quantity variations. The reason for quantity variations is because of press setup and normal production waste. The variance in printed envelope quantity may be +/- 10% of the ordered quantity. When ordering 500 printed envelopes as an example you may receive 450 printed envelopes. When planning your printed envelope order you should account for this possible variance to ensure that you receive the full number of envelopes that you require. We will not be able to reprint a variance for less than 500 envelopes. Should your order variance be greater than the industry standard as described above we will refund the cost of the number of envelope shortage beyond the standard production tolerance.


Envelope Paper Color

The Paper Mill Store does not guarantee the color of the envelope you view on your monitor will be the color you receive because monitors do not present accurate colors unless professionally calibrated throughout the day. You will always receive the exact brand, color and item which you order. However this statement is to make clear that you must not rely on the color you view on our web site as a color match. We do our best to present color accurate images but we do not guarantee that the color you see on screen is the visual appearance of the color you will receive. Orders may not be rejected based on the paper color of the envelope. You are responsible to be familiar with the specific brand of envelope you order. We strongly recommend you purchase a paper sample to give you an example of the paper color.


Envelope Printing Color

The Paper Mill Store will reproduce color from submitted print-ready files as closely as technically possible. We cannot match color and density exactly, due to confines in the printing process. We will match PANTONE colors as closely as possible. However because of variations in paper color, lighting, paper finish, etc. PANTONE colors may appear visually different on different paper brands and other materials. Ink colors are affected by lighting, paper color and other substrates to which they are applied and these factors may cause variations in color appearance and are considered normal.


Envelope Availability

The Paper Mill Store makes every effort to accurately post the availability of our envelopes directly on each envelopes product page where you will use the Add to Cart button. We do not guarantee that this information is always accurate and that our notices depict availability in any and all quantities. We will notify you if your order shipment will be delayed. This notification process is important and makes it important that you complete your order with accurate contact information, providing a telephone number and an email address that you check frequently and that you add our URL, www.thepapermillstore.com, to your accepted email folder so as to not direct our response emails to your spam folder. We hate spam too and we never send unsolicited emails nor do we telephone other than to discuss a specific pending order.