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About this Product

This great variety of colored cardstock lets you build better and more attractive cards and scrapbooks. Uniquely designed this colored cardstock paper from Europe is manufactured to provide perfect folding and cutting properties. The dyes and pigments used in these papers are specially formulated to provide consistent color in all light environs while being fully fade resistant. Soft to the touch the paper is also formulated for die cutting without tearing and is suitable for all other paper hobby and crafting practices.

Product Uses

  • Greeting Cards
  • Paper Crafts
  • Scrapbooking


Mill The Paper Mill Store
Brand JAZZ Cardstock
Product Type Card Stock
Size 8 1/2 x 11
Printer Compatibility Inkjet Printers Laser Printers
Finish Smooth
Coating Uncoated
Grain Direction Grain Long
Eco Features
Elemental Chlorine Free Lignin Free
Paper Weight
65 lb Cover 176 G/M2 Caliper 9.1 219 PPI
Paperator™ Color Value
CMYK C = 9.39, M = 8.93, Y = 0, K = 92
RGB R = 51, G = 49, B = 56

JAZZ® Cardstock

JAZZ® Papers are easy to print on when following these simple hints. It is recommended to pre-test all printing procedures prior to press time to ensure the desired results are achieved.


Print JAZZ® like any conventional uncoated paper. We recommend heat resistant, wax free ink if you plan to follow lithography with xerographic or laser printing technologies.


Keep JAZZ® products wrapped until the moment of printing. It is essential to let the paper acclimatize, for a minimum of 24 hours – longer during cold weather – in the press room while still wrapped in mill packaging. Keep JAZZ® products covered during drying, between passes and prior to any finishing work. Pressroom conditions should be as close as possible to 68 degrees, and 45-60% relative humidity.


Varnish is optional as a surface protector.


To properly score JAZZ®, use a rounded channel score. It is recommended to use a minimum width of 2.5 times the caliper of the sheet to be scored, plus 8/1000”. Score with the grain using a minimum score width of 1 point, with 2 points preferred. Fold into the bead of the score.


JAZZ® is suitable for all standard binding processes. It is important to plan for proper grain direction in all binding applications. Grain direction should run parallel to the spine for optimum results.


on 65 lb cover items within the limits of restrictions from the printer/copier manufacturer. Darker colors will give poor contrast, so plan for this ahead of time.


Thermography, embossing, die cutting and foil stamping work well. JAZZ® is particularly well suited to automated pattern cutting machines.

Paper Services

Choose from services including perforating, cutting, hole punching and scoring

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Soap M

Very Good Cardstock Works For Me

I use black cardstock as part of my handmade soap labeling and I have received many compliments. This cardstock was a very good weight for my needs and surprising enough, I was having a terrible time finding black cardstock! Best yet, the price was very fair, even with shipping!!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

WOW! Excellent Company!

I will not buy my 65# card stock anywhere else. This is the only company that had actual 65# card stock. Everyone else advertises 65#, but it isn't! I love the product! Shipping was phenomenal! I was shocked how fast my order arrived.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Grreat quality

I love working with darker colors, mostly black for the layering and accenting look for my cards. When doing a card in black, I'll do the sentiment on velumn.
This paper is exactly what I wanted and the price per ream was very good.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Your Store is Great!!!

The product is exactly what I thought it would be when I received it. I am extremely pleased, as it will be perfect for any Event I am working as a "silhouette artist" (it would also, be great for any scrapbooker, or persons interested in unique stationary). The price is also, amazing for 500 sheets,

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Good product, [...]

Good products

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Paper D

Great value & quality

Perfect... exactly what I wanted and at a good price.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Glad to have found it

I wish the packaging would specify that the paper is acid and lignin free - the site says it is, and I am relying on this.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0


My high school factory is using this black card stock to make tuxedo prom invitations. Before delivery I was concerned the black would be a dark enough color. It is perfect!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Tiffany the B

Quick shipment, easy purchase

wedding programs

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Brennan the G

I would recommend to anyone

Thank you for your wonderful products, they really served me well.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Black cradstock-great price!

I used this product to create programs and donation cards for my wedding-I loved the product and the price.

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