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About this Product

Everyone's a winner with Blanks USA perforated pre-numbered Small Raffle Tickets. Give your raffle a professional look and feel without breaking the bank. The stubs are pre-perforated and you'll easily cut the individual tickets from the full sized sheet. These Small Raffle tickets come in 8 1/2" x 11" sized sheets with 8 - 2 1/8" x 5 1/2" (includes a 2" stub) sized raffle tickets per sheet. Made on high quality uncoated 67 lb bristol stock these tickets are perfect for most printing processes including, laser printing, color and black copy machines and inkjet printing. These are 8 1/2" x 11" sheets with 8-up Small Raffle Tickets - 1000 Tickets per pack (125 sheets) - pre- numbered 01 through 1,000 with a 2" micro-perforated stub - full ticket size: 2 1/8" x 5 1/2".

Product Uses

  • Church Raffle Tickets
  • Fund Raiser Raffle Tickets
  • Raffle Tickets
  • School Raffle Tickets


Mill Blanks USA
Brand Blanks USA Raffle Tickets
Product Type Raffle Tickets
Color Name White
Size 8 1/2 x 11
Paper Weight
67 lb Bristol 147 G/M2 Caliper 8.2 244 PPI
Paperator™ Color Value
CMYK C = 20, M = 0, Y = 4, K = 0
RGB R = 234, G = 235, B = 232
Pieces Per Sheet 8
Total Count 1000
Printer Compatibility Copiers (B&W) Copiers (Color) Inkjet Printers Laser Printers Offset Printing
Pre-Cut No
Pre-Numbered Yes

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2 stars 2.0/5.0


tickets are not numbered consecutively per page, made it hard to collate into packets to give to members. Not sure I would use again.

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1 stars 1.0/5.0
Red Curtain B

No Perforations

I was surprised to find that the individual tickets were not perforated on the sheet -- just the "stub" area was perforated, but the 8 individual tickets on each sheet had to be cut apart. Not convenient for our use.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Beano C

Great product,[...]. Great!

The only thing about these tickets are they were to be based on the daily 3-digit number, and the numbers start with 2 digits. Alot of raffles are based on the lottery, but other than that, EXCELLENT!

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3 stars 3.0/5.0
DJ - Sassy Scottish T

Small Raffle Tickets

The paper is of good quality. The numbering system on the pages is difficult if you just need a few tickets printed at a time. It creates a problem when accountability for each ticket is required

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3 stars 3.0/5.0
DJ the Celtic T

small raffle ticket stock

The paper stock is good quality, however, the numbering of the stock creates issues if only a few tickets are needed at a time or for multiple uses. This makes keeping track of the tickets extremely difficult when an itemized tracking sheet is required for each ticket sold. You should consider making the numbering system per page not the way it is currently done. Also, when only 4,000 tickets are needed and not the bulk 10,000, a consecutive numbering is required. I will need to add something to differentiate from one package to the other in order for me to use each package. Not the easiest thing to do, and not so convenient. Please try to do this for your customers, and if so, I'll be back and purchase more from you!!!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Printer X

Great Product!

These tickets are great to have on-hand at a small/medium print shop. They're numbered so that when you cut them apart and stack them the numbers are sequential. BIG time saver! They're easy to set up, easy to cut, easy to turn a nice profit with!

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1 stars 1.0/5.0

Disappointed with numbering of tickets

I needed tickets that were numbered consecutively across the sheets and not the way you numbered these. Your numbering has numbers 01, 251, 501, 751, 126, 376, 626, 876 on one page. I will have a difficult time keeping track of each of the tickets as our organization uses only a few tickets at a time, and this system will only confuse the accounting process. I also was under the impression that they were perferated so that they would be easy to pull off one at a time. Not at all happy with this product. Maybe a better description of how you number the product and HOW they are perferated would have been helpful!! If I didn't absolutely NEED these tickets now for our current event, I would return them for a refund.

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3 stars 3.0/5.0

Small Raffle Ticket

I wanted each ticket perforated, but am happy I found these online. I searched many sites before finding your site which provided tickets we were use to using.

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2 stars 2.0/5.0


After ordering this product I tried useing the directions after figureing it out they still did not come out exactly as it looks on the web.. It's a great Idea however, they are plain no shine, gloss. I ended up not using them it would be nice to get help using this product and perhaps maybe adding some gloss just like real tickets I was going to use them for my bachelorette party instead I purchased some gloss photo paper which actually was better

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1 stars 1.0/5.0
Wauc F

I would NOT buy this product again

The tickets are NOT perforated so I had to manually cut 1,000 tickets!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Lisa club s

Great product...exactly what I wanted

This product was as exactly as stated in the description. The tickets and the template worked well and printed on the first try! I will most certainly buy this product again from this company!

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