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About this Product

FSC-certified and environmentally sustainable ASPIRE Petallics by CTI Paper USA makes a luxurious, sophisticated statement with pearlescent metallic papers and envelopes.


Mill CTI Paper USA
Brand ASPIRE Petallics
Product Type Swatchbooks

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Tracy K

it is very helpful to have a sample of the exact paper you will receive before spending the money to buy an entire pkg

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Joshua T

An excellent resource to have on hand.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Nicole N

Need swatches for future purchases

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

i love it

I no what ill be ordering now

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Strongly recommend this product

If you are considering using any of the papers or envelopes in this collection, I would STRONGLY recommend buying the sample pack or sample sheets. Printing on this paper from a home laser printer requires extended drying time, and some pens will smear, so it is nice to have the samples to run tests on. This is very gorgeous paper and I would highly recommend its use as the finished product is definitely worth it!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Brio D

Absolute necessity

It is absolutely necessary to have a swatch book to avoid disappointment in the choice of paper colours. You cannot rely on the website images to be true as everyone has their monitor settings calibrated differently. Avoid disappointment - get the books!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Miz L

Beautiful Colors

I plan to use this product as a desing tool for selecting colors and also for layering different color combinations.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Kwuani Graphic D

Excellent Paper

I printed some wedding invitation overlays & program pages using this paper on my color laser printer. BEAUTIFUL!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

ASPIRE Petallics Paper Sample is great

I didn't want to order all of the paper samples to view the colors so the Paper sample book was perfect for viewing all of the colors/finishes

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Great Paper for wedding invitations!

Wow! For wedding invitations, this paper is the BEST! I looked everywhere for cool invitations, but the best choice for the price was to make my own. This paper looks fabulous and the precut cardstock made it super easy to make the invitations! The only downside was that the cardstock smudged easily after it was first printed! I printed everything on my home printer and it worked great on the text paper and vellum, but the cardstock smudged a little when it was touched. Just don't touch the cardstock for awhile and it would work fine! The metallic text paper looked amazing, and the sparkle was just the right touch. I couldn't be happier!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Just M

Excellent for quick reference

This product is displayed well. It is compact and easily portable and allows me to show sample options to clients quickly.

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4 stars 4.0/5.0
Kirsten's getting m

Great quality

The swatchbook was a great way to see all of the metallic paper in the collection. Although I would have liked to sample just 1 page of 1 color (I knew exactly what I wanted), I was able to feel the consistency and see the true color of the paper.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

I would recommend to others

I used this for my personal crafts and got everything I needed.

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