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More About This Product

About this Product

When your paper project requires the heaviest type of cover paper available, Astrolite brilliant white card stock is a great choice. With its 200 lb. thickness, this heavy weight paper can help you achieve exactly the look and feel you need for the task at hand. Designed to work beautifully with offset printing projects. You may be able to use it with other types of printers, though you should be aware that ink definition varies depending on the type and quality of printer.

Print all sorts of content on its smooth surface, which has a high level of brightness. Text appears crisp and readable. Some of the uses for this FSC Certified paper are business cards, hang tags, report covers, gift tags, greeting cards and signage. You can probably think of more ideas, so order this practical 8 1/2 x 11 size today.

Do you need our professional paper services for your card stock? We do paper cutting, paper perforation, paper scoring and hole punching. Just let us know what you need done — we’ll get right to it!

Product Uses

  • Brochure Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Card Making
  • Covers
  • Embellishments
  • Gift Tags
  • Graphic Design Projects
  • Greeting Cards
  • Hang Tags
  • Holiday Cards
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Packaging
  • Place Setting Cards
  • Report Covers
  • Scrapbooking
  • Signage
  • Wall Art


Mill Monadnock Paper Mills
Brand Astrolite
Product Type Card Stock
Size 8 1/2 x 11
Printer Compatibility Offset Printing
Finish Smooth
Coating Uncoated
Grain Direction Grain Long
Paper Style Super Heavy
Eco Features
Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Lignin Free
Paper Weight
200 lb Cover DT 540 G/M2 Caliper 26 76 PPI
Brightness 98
Paperator™ Color Value
CMYK C = 10, M = 3, Y = 2, K = 2
RGB R = 233, G = 233, B = 226

Monadnock Astrolite®

Astrolite® Papers are easy to print on when following these simple hints. It is recommended to pretest all printing procedures prior to press time to ensure the desired results are achieved.


Print Astrolite like any conventional uncoated paper. We recommend heat resistant, wax free ink if you plan to follow lithography with xerographic or laser printing technologies. The very smooth surface might require extra drying times and short lifts are recommended.


Keep Astrolite products wrapped until the moment of printing. It is essential to let the paper acclimatize, for a minimum of 24 hours – longer during cold weather – in the press room while still wrapped in mill packaging. Keep Astrolite products covered during drying, between passes and prior to any finishing work. Pressroom conditions should be as close as possible to 68 degrees, and 45-60% relative humidity.


Varnish is optional as a surface protector and tinted varnish can be used to achieve creative effects. A 50-50 mix of dull and gloss varnish will match the gloss level of most printing inks. Gloss varnish is not recommended as it could result in enhanced mottle or galvanization effects


To properly score Astrolite, use a 2 point rounded channel score. For the backing channel, it is recommended to use a minimum width of 2.5 times the caliper of the sheet to be scored, plus 28/1000”. Very heavy weights should be scored with a 2-3 point bull nose channel score. Always pretest any procedures prior to production.


Astrolite is suitable for all standard binding processes. It is important to plan for proper grain direction in all binding applications. Grain direction should run parallel to the spine for optimum results.


on 60 lb Text up to 65 lb Cover items. The 80 and 100 lb cover will also work, subject to printer restrictions. We recommend pretesting these heavier weights.


17 x 11, 18 x 12 and 18 1/8 x 13 3/8 are appropriate sheet sizes for a wide variety of devices such as the NexPress 2100, Xerox DocuColor iGen3 and the Heidelberg Quickmaster DI.

Paper Services

Choose from services including perforating, cutting, hole punching and scoring

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Product Reviews

21 Reviews
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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Sharon M

beautiful, crisp, heavy weight.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
George S

The paper was received in perfect condition and suited my needs well.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Christopher S

exactly what I expected

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4 stars 4.0/5.0

Good choice

It felt thinner than my previous purchase but still very nice

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Robert C



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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Marsha H


Just what I was looking for.

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3 stars 3.0/5.0
Donna F

Paper was fine but post office bent package even though it said do not bend!

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4 stars 4.0/5.0

Nice and thick card stock. However, it may have been too thick for my printer. Slight blurriness compared to the super smooth card stocks. However, barely noticeable so I might still use it for my wedding invitations

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Nataly S

Very thick card stock not what I was looking for but definitely a great buy.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

This product works perfectly for my crafting projects.

I make my own greeting cards. I recently purchase cutting dies that have very intricate details and I've found that regular cardstock does not work well with these dies. What I needed is a much thicker card stock and the 200 LB weight is perfect! I will purchase all my special weight card stock from Papermill.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Highest Quality "Poster Board" in 8-1/2 x 11 size

I am a model builder (scratch building via paper, cardboard ETC.) and for years have used store bought packages of "poster board" or those large sheets available just about any place.
I have always been extremely disappointed with this because just about all of them are very flimsy, have no body, the texture of the paper is poor and they just don't hold up to any kind of model or craft purposes.
I found this card stock from the "papermill" and decided to try it out.
This card stock is MAGNIFICENT. It comes in 100 sheet packages so it is affordable. The card stock, if I had to give an idea as to its actual thickness is something like this: "IF" you were to take about 3 standard sheets of your store-bought poster board and glue them together, you would probably equal one sheet of this card stock. It cuts wonderfully, has an EXCELLENT finish and the finish is such that it takes coloring with color pencils very well. Also, it glues well (white glue) without any of the curling or waving you sometimes get from thinner stock.
This card stock is, without a doubt, one of the greatest card stock materials I have EVER used and I am totally delighted with it.
Keep in mind that this material is 200lb stock. (A sheet of card stock that is 90 lb can be loaded into a standard computer printer) So, there is NO WAY that you can use this card in any household printer.
However, for just about any card stock purposes where you want a good solid material, you truly cannot beat this item. (And I am speaking out of years of frustration in dealing with "less-than" quality card.)
The paper mill handles all their orders very professionally and their web-site is easy to deal with.
The only "negative" about this card is that it is only available in 8-1/2 X 11 inch sheets. I sort-of wish that an 11 X 17 option would exist but does not.
However, IF you are looking for an excellent quality stock cardboard: This is it!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
T King


The paper is exactly what we were looking for, great quality and for a reasonable price.

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3 stars 3.0/5.0

200 pound paper

I purchased it to use as card bases; I love the weight but as said above my paper trimmer is struggling! I felt this was good value for the $$$

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4 stars 4.0/5.0

VERY heavy paper

This cardstock is VERY heavy. I would not even consider it a cardstock, but more like cardboard. One of the recommended uses was greeting card. I could not imagine making a greeting card from this product. But it is a good quality product, a nice bright white.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Great for Edge Painted Business Cards!

I use this stock of paper for business cards and they hold up great.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0
Macon York Letterpress S

Super thick, super awesome

I used this to letterpress wedding programs and it was great!

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

I can't wait to letterpress on this

I intend to letterpress business cards and color the edges. I can already tell that the 200 lb. astrolite will allow me to achieve a deep impression without showing up on the back. It's the perfect weight too; thick enough to really do the edge coloring technique justice but not excessive.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Great cover stock

I've been searching for heavy cover stock for quite a while and this is the perfect paper. Creates a substantial canvas for your business cards as it'll be far thicker than anyone else's and everyone I've given a card to took immediate notice.

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Correct for in-the-pocket note cards

Note cards

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4 stars 4.0/5.0

Paper from Paper Mill store

The product was fine

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5 stars 5.0/5.0

Quality paper, [...]

Super quality paper, just what I was after, and I couldn't find anywhere else, truly a specialty item. I use this item for stiff backing of vintage/antique postcards.

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