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Help and FAQ The Paper Mill Store .com (TPMS)

Shipping Information

  • What Is The Cost of Shipping?

    free shipping on paper and envelopes

    Shipping cost is based on weight, distance and level of service. Ground service is fast, reliable and the least expensive.

    Shipping Costs Before You Buy

    1. Add item to Shopping Cart
    2. Use Shipping Calculator, add your zip code
    3. Go to Checkout

    Within our shopping cart your shipping cost is calculated as soon as you provide your zip code or if you've registered with us as soon as you sign in. Learn More

  • How Do I Track My Order?

    Order Tracking Order tracking is a really cool function that helps you to follow your paper and envelope order from our door in Paper Valley Wisconsin to your door.

    Here's How It Works:

    When your order ships from our warehouse we'll send you a shipping confirmation email with your shipper tracking number embedded. You can simply follow the link within your shipping confirmation email and enter your tracking number and you'll get very updated information as to where your order is located at that moment. Learn More.

  • What Are My Shipping Options?

    Shipping Methods

    We use UPS and Common Carrier Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments for larger orders. Larger orders must be able to accept trucks.

    Inside delivery up to 500 lbs:

    We can deliver inside your building up to 500 lbs. This means you do not have to unload curbside, pay extra or do anything but get your order delivered to you with orders up to 500 lbs. Over 500 lbs. standard trucking policies apply and we can deliver to your loading dock door or to your home or office front door and everywhere else in between.

    Our large shipping volume allows us to offer the most competitive shipping rates. As well our location in central Wisconsin gives us good proximity to all markets and shortened shipping times in most cases. Through our alliance with UPS and our membership in the Wisconsin Paper Group (WPG) we can provide some of the most competitive rates on Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping throughout North America directly servicing more than 90 markets.

  • When Will My Order Ship?

    Orders placed by 2:00 pm central time ship same day for in stock items Monday through Friday, except USA holidays. Free Inside delivery up to 500 lbs. Learn More.

  • Can I Ship to Canada?

    Canada ShippingWe're proud to supply our northern neighbors with papers and envelopes. There are no problems shipping to Canada. Heck, Wisconsin is almost in Canada. Learn More.

  • Can I Have Free Shipping?

    Free ShippingWe are pleased to offer Free UPS Ground service shipping and common carrier shipping for your paper and envelopes within the contiguous United States and Canada when you place an order of $199 and greater (after discounts have been applied). Learn More.

  • Can I Have Inside Delivery?

    Inside DeliveryAll orders up to 500 lbs can be delivered inside to your office or home by our UPS delivery driver. This means you have no need for a loading dock or using your own lift truck for orders up to 500 lbs. Learn More.

Paper and Envelopes Pricing

  • 110% Low Price Guarantee

    Low Price GuaranteeIf you find a brand name paper or envelope for a lower price on another web site, we will refund you 110% of the difference between the lower price and our price. Learn More.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    Wholesale pricing for our paper and envelopes is available online. No special arrangements need to be made or accounts set up to benefit from bulk quantity purchase discounts. All full carton quantities are priced at wholesale levels for your convenience and efficient buying experience. Learn More.

  • How Do I Get a Discount?

    DiscountDiscounts are available, from time to time, off of our already low prices. There are several ways for you to get a discount and enjoy additional money saving offers.

    We've also assembled a collection of money saving offers from discounts on paper and envelopes to free graphic design memberships and subscriptions. Learn More.

  • Payment Options

    You can pay with credit card payments, PayPal, Google Checkout, check or money order. If you would like to fax in your order form please submit your order to our secure fax line 608-834-9800. Please print out our order form and send it to us. Learn More.

Paper and Envelopes Samples

  • How Can I Get a Swatch Book sample?

    DiscountOur Paper Mill suppliers produce beautiful sample swatchbooks which are essential tools in every designers library. We make these graphics professional tools available to you.

    You can order official paper manufacturer swatchbooks here and get the latest updates while you see and touch samples of the paper. Learn More.

  • Color Selection of Paper and Envelopes

    Each product page exhibits a handsome thumbnail image of each paper and envelope offered to give you the best visual image we can offer you on the internet. Accurate color representation varies on computer screens.

    We provide detailed product descriptions and printing process information so you can determine which paper is best suited for your requirements. Learn More.

Entering Orders

  • Web Site, Phone, Fax or Mail

    Web Site orders are easy, safe and secure. We have very sophisticated encryption software to protect your information and we use Hacker Safe to verify that we're protecting your information. This site is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test. Our site meets all of the highest security scanning standards of the U.S. government, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. Simply click on the Hacker Safe icon to the left and you can learn more about the security of our site and what we do to protect it.

    To place your order on the web site, find your products and hit the ADD to CART button, your products are automatically added to your shopping cart and the checkout process could not be easier. Buy from us without registering or become a registered user. It's up to you. As a registered user you will fly through the check out process and be able to look up your order history as well. Learn More.

  • Return Policy

    All of our products are 100% guaranteed to be free from any quality defects. Because we only sell mill-branded paper and envelopes, you can be assured of consistent quality, but if there is ever a quality defect, you can return your paper for a full refund of the paper or envelope purchased, not including shipping charges. Learn More.

Common Paper Questions

  • Paper Tools Charts and Calculators

    Paper Tools Charts and CalculatorsYou can use our Tools Section paper calculators and envelope size charts to calculate; How Many Sheets Do I Need?, Basis Weights, Metric Conversions, Exact Standard Envelope Sizes and more. Learn more and enjoy accurate paper and envelope information. Know for sure how much paper you need, how many pieces you get from one sheet and a host of other paper math question are answered easily here. Learn More.

  • Printing and Handling Guide

    Printing and Handling GuideOur papers print easily offset, digitally and on laser or ink-jet printers. But every paper isn't suitable for every printing process so there are things you and your printer need to know and can do to ensure the cleanest, most successful print project possible. And some papers do require specific inks and handling techniques.

    Through our decades of experience working with paper mills and printers, and from the technical expertise of our on-staff paper scientist, we’ve assembled downloadable printing and handling hints for all of our specialty papers and envelopes. Learn More.

  • What is Vellum?

    Vellum is a term used to describe two different paper types, translucent paper and the surface structure of paper. The usage of the term vellum has changed over the years. Below are the two most common modern uses of the word vellum.

    Vellum is a translucent paper used primarily in scrapbooking and paper crafts. You will see this usage of vellum often used in conjunction with the word "translucent" as in translucent vellum.

    Examples of translucent vellum paper

    Glama Natural
    UV Ultra II

    Vellum is the slightly rough surface structure of non translucent paper. You will see this usage of vellum often used in conjunction with the word "finish" or "surface structure" as in vellum finish or vellum surface structure.

    Examples of vellum finish paper

    Royal Fiber
    Via Vellum

    You will see the word vellum used to describe each of the above described papers. You will want to make sure that you are understanding which type of vellum you are interested in purchasing.

  • What is pt.?

    Point or the more common usage pt. is the term used to indicate the thickness of cover papers. You will see cover papers commonly referred to as 8 pt., 10 pt., 12 pt. and 14 pt. In the case of 8 pt., this would be stated as "8 point paper." The higher the pt value the thicker the paper. Therefore 10 pt is thicker than 8 pt.

    Each point or pt. equals .001 inch

    8 pt. = .008 inches
    10 pt. = .010 inches
    12 pt. = .012 inches
    14 pt. = .014 inches

    An approximate of pts. converted to cover weights

    8 pt approximates to 66 lb cover
    10 pt approximates to 80 lb cover
    12 pt approximates to 92 lb cover

    The above approximate figures should only be used for an indication of how paper thickness converts into paper weights and are posted solely for the convenience of those who are unfamiliar with various paper weights. For more precise equivalents please contact our customer service department.

  • What is C/1S and C/2S?

    C/1S and C/2S are used to indicate which side of a particular paper has a coating on it. C/1S indicates "coated on one side." C/2S indicates "coated on two sides."

    Some common uses of C/1S are:

    Bindakote C/1S
    Kromekote C/1S
    Splendorlux C/1S

    Some common uses of C/2S are:

    Bindakote C/2S
    Knightkote C/2S

  • What is G/M2?

    G/M2 is the metric designation to indicate "grams per square meter." Metric paper measure calculates all paper weight by measuring the weight of a single sheet of paper by how many grams per square meter.

    Common paper grammages are:

    90 G/M2
    110 G/M2
    150 G/M2

    On a bond paper basis these grammages equal:

    90 G/M2 = 24 lb bond
    110 G/M2 = 29 lb bond
    150 G/M2 = 48 lb bond

  • What is basis weight?

    Basis weight is the term used to describe the weights of various grades of paper.

    You hear or see paper sometimes referred to as an 80 lb cover or a 70 lb text just as two examples. In these two examples the 80 lb is the basis weight and the 70 lb is the basis weight. Each of these basis weights are different and represent different categories of paper, one is cover paper and the other is text paper.

    The basis weight is calculated on the actual weight of the paper when it is cut to its "basis size" and piled in 500 sheet stacks. In the two examples above the weights are calculated first for the cover paper weight by taking its basis size of 20 x 26 multiplied by 500 sheets and that will weigh 80 lbs. and then in the second example for the text paper weight by taking its basis size of 25 x 38 multiplied by 500 sheets and that will weigh 70 lbs.

    Common Paper Basis sizes

    Bond Paper - 17 x 22
    Cover Paper - 20 x 26
    Text Paper - 25 x 38
    Writing Paper - 17 x 22

    A guide to calculating and comparing basis weights (PDF) between grades is available in our free tools section.

  • Envelope sizing and format guide (PDF)

    Use this exclusive envelope size and format chart to help you get the most out of your shopping experience with The Paper Mill Store Wisconsin based online shopping paper warehouse.

    We hope you find this information helpful and please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding any paper or envelope subject.

  • What can I use to print on this paper?

    Each product page will show you the recommended printing processes for each paper brand. See the image below for more details.

    Printing Applications

  • Can I get free templates for printing?

    Free TemplatesWe offer 100's of free templates and ask that you sign up for our free newsletter and take advantage of our money savings offers and enjoy our interesting design tips. When you download our templates you will be prompted to enter your email address. Learn More.

  • How do I know how much paper I need?

    Paper CalculatorsKnow for sure how much paper you need, how many pieces you get from one sheet and a host of other paper math question are answered easily here. Learn More.

  • How many pieces do I get from one sheet?

    Paper CalculatorsKnow for sure how much paper you need, how many pieces you get from one sheet and a host of other paper math question are answered easily here. Learn More.

  • Calculate G/M2 from basis weight

    Paper CalculatorsKnow for sure how much paper you need, how many pieces you get from one sheet and a host of other paper math question are answered easily here. Learn More.

  • Calculate basis weight from G/M2

    Paper CalculatorsKnow for sure how much paper you need, how many pieces you get from one sheet and a host of other paper math question are answered easily here. Learn More.

  • What are different paper finishes?

    Many different surface structures or finishes exist for paper. Paper finishes can give both interesting visual and tactile qualities to the paper. Often the paper category known as specialty paper will offer different paper finishes. While paper can have many different finishes some finishes are more common and these have become more or less industry standards among major paper manufacturers. Each paper mill has a different look to their specific brand of paper finsish, so you can't reply on the same exact felt, linen or other finish from mill to mill. The finishes below are considered to be the more classic paper finishes and are commonly found in a variety of different paper mill brands. Learn More.

Wanna Know More About Everything?

  • Graphic design resources from The Paper Mill Store

    Discover all the design and printing resources available right here 24/7 at The Paper Mill Store .com. Practical books, tools, articles, information, – everything to help you achieve the best results from your paper-based design projects.

    You’ll find helpful how-to articles, printing tips, swatchbooks that you can order, custom envelope printing – even free templates for a wide variety of design projects; resources for professional and individuals alike.

    Expand your creative horizons and elevate your work to the next level – we’re here to help! Learn More.

Web Site Security

  • How Do I Know TPMS Is Secure?

    Your online security and your confidence in us is a primary goal that we work for daily, really we have an online security audit everyday. We appreciate your trust in us and we take extraordinary steps to earn and keep your trust.

    The shopping function is highly encrypted and offers state of the art security. The Paper Mill Store .com is a secure Web site and its authenticity and security is verified daily by VeriSign certification and Hacker Safe, which daily (actually nightly) checks our site to ensure that any security lapses are discovered and immediately addressed. This site is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test. Our site meets all of the highest security scanning standards of the U.S. government, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. Further, we are members of the Better Business Bureau and carry its online verification certificate so that you can personally check out our consumer business track record. We're proud of our record. We are also members of the Wisconsin Paper Group, National Paper Trade Association and the Wisconsin Paper Council. Learn More.

Why Buy from TPMS?

  • TPMS Buys Directly from Paper Mills

    The Paper Mill Store .com has assembled some of the world's finest paper manufacturers and envelope converters to bring you an unrivaled offering of fine papers and envelopes in the quantities you need. By offering top quality brand named papers and envelopes you are assured of the highest quality standards, good availability and the opportunity to have access to papers and envelopes which are on the cutting edge of modern day paper design. Learn More.

  • 110% Low Price Guarantee

    If you find a brand name paper or envelope for a lower price on another web site, we will refund you 110% of the difference between the lower price and our price.

    Here's how we do it:

    • The paper(s) or envelope(s) must be currently available for immediate shipping in the same item and packaging put up that is on The Paper Mill Store .com. No color, basis weight or substitutions of any kind are allowed.
    • The lower price must be published on the competing web site and must be available for verification by our customer service department.
    • If the web site with a lower price is an auction site, paid membership club or eBay Express or close out site or close out item on a web site we do not offer the 110% guarantee on these items.
    • Taxes (if any) and shipping charges (if applicable) will be included when calculating the price difference.
    • You may contact us for your 110% price guarantee up to 5 days from placement of your order on The Paper Mill Store .com.

    Learn More.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    100% Satisfaction GuaranteeOrdering Paper Samples is Fast and Easy

    All of our products are 100% guaranteed to be free from any quality defects. Because we only sell mill-branded paper and envelopes, you can be assured of consistent quality, but if there is ever a quality defect, you can return your paper for a full refund of the paper or envelope purchased, not including shipping charges.Just see our return shipping instructions.

    No-questions-asked guarantee on paper.

    Even if the paper is technically perfect, you can send it back if you’re not happy with it.

    Learn More.

  • No Hassle Return Instructions

    Contact us before you return an item

    Packing Slip from The Paper Mill Store .comToll Free (800)790-8767
    E-mail: cs@thepapermillstore.com
    M-F, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Central Time
    Customer Service will issue you a Return Authorization code.

    1. User our handy return label supplied on your packing list.
    2. Display the RA code on the return label of the items to be returned.
    3. Write the code onto a copy of your packing list enclosed within your return package.
    4. Ship the package back to us and we'll issue you a refund, less any charges associate with your return. Refunds are for product only and do not include shipping charges.

    Sample swatchbooks, paper samples, printed envelopes, cut paper and any special orders are not returnable. See Our Return Policy

    Learn More.

  • No Sales Tax Outside Wisconsin

    The Paper Mill Store .com is not obligated to collect sales taxes for sales shipped outside of our home state of Wisconsin.

    The Paper Mill Store .com is located in Sun Prairie, WI and Neenah, WI.

    The Paper Mill Store .com
    Customer Service
    1545 Corporate Center Drive
    Sun Prairie, WI 53590

  • First Rate Customer Service

    First Rate Customer ServicePlease contact us, we would like to help you

    Customer Service Hours

    Monday - Friday
    7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. central time

    See Shipping information

    Online Assistance

    Help and FAQ

    Contact Information

    Email: cs@thepapermillstore.com
    Phone: (800) 790-TPMS (8767)
    Live Chat: Ask us a question

    Learn More.

  • Paper Industry Supported

    The Paper Mill Store .com is the only solely online web merchant supplied directly by paper mills and their authorized envelope converters.

    The Paper Mill Store .com (TPMS) is supported by the forward thinking members of the paper industry and exists to blend traditional paper distribution and e-commerce making the paper and envelopes of our paper mill partners available in all markets in the quantities you need. The business model of TPMS is focused on graphics professionals and welcomes all visitors seeking top quality paper and envelope products. With our focus on graphics professionals as our guide we have created a superior offering of brand name paper and envelope products ready to ship from our Paper Valley Wisconsin warehouse.

    Local paper merchants are an integral facet of paper mill's fine paper distribution strategy, acting as small order specialists TPMS compliments local paper merchant distribution by making it easy and economical for local paper merchants to service small and locally non stocked orders for their graphics customers. Ask your local paper merchant about our Merchant Referral program. All fine paper merchants are invited to join TPMS.

    Learn More.

  • We use 100% Wind Power

    100% wind power is used at The Paper Mill Store

    We use wind power to offset 100% of our electrical usage.

    The Paper Mill Store .com uses wind power in all of our facilities. We choose to purchase wind power credits for our corporate offices as well as our converting and distribution center to help protect the environment and reduce the use of foreign oil. The purchase of wind power credits serves as a voluntary subsidy for the growth and expansion of wind power production. This is important as it helps our country move away from foreign oil while reducing the introduction of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

    Here's how wind power helps

    • The Paper Mill Store electricity usage: 245,290 Annual Kilowatt Hours
    • This renewable energy purchase avoids introducing 341,445 lbs of carbon dioxide into the air: 41,445 lbs of CO2 Annual Avoidance
    • This renewable energy purchase has the equivalent carbon dioxide reduction as the planting of 46 acres of trees: 46 Acres of total planted trees
    • Carbon dioxide emissions avoided compares to NOT driving 267,783 miles in a car: 267,783 miles NOT driven or 96 car trips from New York City to Los Angeles

      Learn More.

  • We are FSC Certified

    Our commitment to corporate and environmental responsibility

    Our five-acre campus on the pond is clustered with a wide variety of more than 100 trees including cottonwoods, ash, aspen, river and white birch, various fruit trees, lindens, lotus, maples, oaks and weeping willows. We enjoy watching a mix of wildlife on the property including fox, coyote, hawks, deer, great blue heron, king fishers, rabbits and more.

    We are deeply committed to protecting natural and people resources, and act on those beliefs through:

    • Our use of 100% Wind Power through the purchase of renewable energy credits.

    This has the equivalent of annual carbon dioxide reduction as the planting of 46 acres of trees.

    • Our offsetting of 100% of the carbon produced by our outbound shipments.
    • Our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification.
    • Our Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) Chain of Custody certification.

    Our ongoing process of reducing our energy usage and finding more recycled shipping materials and products for sale on our site

    When purchasing FSC and SFI certified paper and envelopes from us you can be certain that the fiber used to manufacture certified paper and envelopes came from well managed forests where people, wildlife and the environment benefit from the forestry practices.

    Learn More.

  • Our Environmental Policy

    Our Environmental Policy Our vision is to provide you with the best papers, envelopes and graphics arts tools available while providing friendly, thoughtful and helpful customer service. We do this in concert with what might be the largest selection of eco-preferable fine paper products available online. Internally we operate our company using as many eco-preferable processes and resources as we can. We support wind power, because it is clean, renewable, American made and creates more jobs here.

    We believe responsible use of resources is smart. And we want to help you make informed choices for your projects. From your "concept to completion" we give you the most eco-preferable choices supported by our educational materials, detailed product information and our growing list of like-minded suppliers. We hope to be a reliable resource and a part of your solution when creating paper based projects. Learn More.

  • Carbon Neutral Shipping

    Carbon Neutral Shipping of paper and envelopes

    As of January 1, 2008 we are offsetting 100% of the carbon dioxide produced by our shipping products to your door.

    What this means is that we now calculate the carbon footprint associated with our outbound product shipping and we subsequently purchase carbon offsets to lessen the impact of the carbon produced by our outbound shipping process.

    Carbonfund.org audits and verifies our carbon offset purchases. Carbon Neutral shipping is just one more step we are taking to run our company in a more sustainable and responsible manner. Through our purchase of carbon offsets we are supporting the expansion of wind power projects. We believe that wind power is a smart choice and a significant part of the solution towards cleaner air, water and a step in the direction of energy independence.

    Now when you buy paper and envelopes from us you can know that the carbon produced through the delivery of your purchases is being offset by a credible and verifiable organization, the Carbonfund.org.

    We estimate that by offsetting 100% of the carbon dioxide produced by our outbound shipping that we will reduce carbon output by as much as 115 tons per year.

  • About Us

    The Paper Mill Store .com Sun Prairie corporate office

    Great Paper at Great Prices Shouldn't be Hard to Get!

    The Paper Mill Store.com started in 2004 with the idea to offer great papers at great prices and to make them easy to get when graphics professionals needed them.

    We have our corporate office campus in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and a state-of-the-art 72,000-square-foot converting and distribution center in the heart of the "Paper Valley" in Neenah, Wisconsin.

    We're especially proud of our distribution center, where your orders ship out daily. Because we stock all of our papers in climate controlled safety and our own people pick and pack orders for same-day or next day delivery, you can be sure that your paper and envelopes will arrive to you on time and in perfect condition.

    Learn More.